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Originally Posted by chronocide View Post
Some interestingly specific courses there. Is that high school, yeah? I know some folks refer to college/university as "school" too.

If so, you'd never get classes on such specific topics as those in UK schools. Does that limit your choice of college courses significantly?
If you were asking me:

Yupp, it's HighSchool, It can, like an example would be, most colleges around here require maybe 1 or 2 Spanish credits, If you take that in High School you won't have to take those classes in college,and transfer those credits or anything, and some math classes and oddly enough my carpentry class I took last year, and when I take it my next year, count as credits if I decided to go to a carpentry/wood working type stuff, and my school has the option to take some basic college classes, I think at least. Hope this answers your question.

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