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Originally Posted by GiantBaba View Post
Insane. Do you use the trems, or are they locked down?
I don't use the trems, but they aren't locked down. They don't need to be locked down to maintain the tuning stability a hard-tail guy like myself needs. They're very stable, it's not like a Floyd Rose. The main reasons I opt for their trems is because of how well they intonate the low tunings I use, which is always a concern with 6-strings. Also they're really high quality bridges. Finally, I've found their hardtails have more resistance and a stiffer feel whereas their trems play smoother with more 'give'. So even though I almost never use the trems, I love everything about them.

Originally Posted by technomancer View Post
Nice collection

I'd imagine being able to buy at dealer prices helps take some of the sting out of those
Haha yeah, that definitely was key. The dealer prices are pretty damn high as well though, but it certainly beats retail!

Originally Posted by HighGain510 View Post

That's a KILLER collection Nick, the PS and the ME are my faves but all four are awesome! How do the 53/10 pickups sound? A lot of guys said they were lower output like the 57/08s I believe? I'd imagine that low-mid output pickups + solid rosewood neck would be a pretty badass combo, then again I love the midrange that RW necks add to the mix regardless!
The 53/10s are similar to the 57/08s but thicker sounding and slightly more output. There is also a 59/09 which my PS CU24 had originally, but I did not like those at all. The PRS 57/08 and 53/10s work so well with my rig its bonkers. With some amps they might not have enough gain to get the job done, but between my Invader 100 and modded TS I'm never lacking there. They're the only non-BKPs I've been able to tolerate lately. My other 2 PRS and both my 7s have BKPs but these are outstanding pickups. I've seen them go for over $400 on the open market, if that gives you an idea of what the public thinks of them.

Also, thanks for the clarification on the dalbergia thing. Like I said, whatever it is I love it, so it's all good. I know they use "East Indian Rosewood" on the CU24s, so I'm not sure why this is classified differently. It looks like regular rosewood to me, but whatever! Sounds epic.

Originally Posted by sojorel View Post
Makes me anxious looking at them balanced on your chair's arm rests

Haha it made me anxious too but I was very careful with it

Originally Posted by White Cluster View Post
That Quattro makes me feel funny..ya know..down there.

Fantastic collection Nick.
Originally Posted by metal_sam14 View Post prime!

So classy and beautiful
Thanks dudes

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