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Originally Posted by zimbloth View Post
The dalbergia neck really adds this ultra-crisp and punchy sound to the mix. I believe its a somewhat exotic variant of rosewood, but I'm not sure really.
Negatory sir! Dalbergia is the genus that rosewoods fall under:

Dalbergia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dalbergia Nigra is the "fancy"/"prized" Brazilian stuff which they ran out of so they changed the name to just "Dalbergia" because people whined when they actually said they were using Mexican rosewood a while back as if that were something negative about the wood. But yeah dalbergia is just the generic family that rosewoods fall under in the plant kingdom.

Originally Posted by technomancer View Post
Nice collection

I'd imagine being able to buy at dealer prices helps take some of the sting out of those
I know right? I'd be a horrible dealer as half the stock I'd order would end up not leaving the shop if I worked with PRS! Pretty sweet perk for sure!

That's a KILLER collection Nick, the PS and the ME are my faves but all four are awesome! How do the 53/10 pickups sound? A lot of guys said they were lower output like the 57/08s I believe? I'd imagine that low-mid output pickups + solid rosewood neck would be a pretty badass combo, then again I love the midrange that RW necks add to the mix regardless!

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