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I know there are a lot of places that don't do things as well as they should do. Only recently footage of animal abuse at a farm I think it was in the UK was passed about. There was a huge uproar and I believe the workers lost their jobs.

I have spoken to a guy who is trained to slaughter animals, and they have to do it by the book. If they get caught doing something they shouldn't they pay for it. It takes training before they're allowed to kill an animal. In the UK at least (Can't speak for the mainland) there are very strict guidelines as pressure is growing on farmers from animal welfare groups and the general public. There tends to be a very good record here, and anyone who doesn't keep the standards soon feels the heat.

Sure, I've probably eaten animals that have suffered at one point or another, but then we all probably use things every day that have been created out of suffering either human or animal. Animal testing, human slave labour, these things make the world go round. Do you know where all the parts of your computer and electronic goods come from? What about the fuel you use? Or all the other foods you eat? To say that an opinion is invalid just because we use something created by one of these processes is unfair, as most people are guilty of the same thing. And either way, whether I eat chicken or not doesn't negate the fact that what these people are doing is wrong. My opinion is still valid. Just because I eat meat doesn't mean I can't speak up for the rights of animals.

There are no double standards as far as I'm concerned. Animal cruelty is wrong full stop. I have boycotted companies who have been found to allow animal cruelty until they sorted their act out. It doesn't matter whether it is China, Japan, America or the UK, I will speak against it. Yeah there are probably worse cases than what we're seeing in China, KFC have done some horrific ...., but comparing one bad thing to another and saying 'oh well other people do bad stuff too' doesn't make it any less of a bad thing.

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What - you thought I was calling you gullable? I guess I am in a way, but to be more specific, I'm saying that you simply believe what you're told (naturally, news tells you what happens in the world). That sounds offensive, but it's irrefutably true. Therefore, you just focus n the negative. Humans are not inherently bad, it's just that we're still minimally evolved and a lot of us are narrow-minded, stupid, ignorant and lack empathy. We're like children, yet.
Yes that is what I thought and that's why I was 'arguing' with you. The news isn't the be all and end all of information for me. Personal experience applies too. The bias in the new towards negative things is obvious, and when you notice that you can seek out a more general view of things by looking at other news sources. Thus, you get a more rounded view of the way things are.
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