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don't know what to say about this cause' i'm 50:50 on ordering one myself.
my friend ordered an agile 8 string (really can't remember what model) and the price was 499$. with customs, shipping and jadda jadda jadda the final price was 900$.
so really don't know is it worth it...

kinda sucks that europe has higher prices then the US but that's that...

p.s. there's a funny story here -> one other friend wanted an agile 8 so bad that when he found one (that was bought for 600$ new, and put up for sale @ about 1250$ -> rare guitar, small country what can you say ) he traded in his COW7 with a SD Blackout, 200$ cash and 2 analog pedals... i told him he got robbed but his comment was:"i always wanted an 8 string"

i lold...

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