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Originally Posted by DrakkarTyrannis View Post
. It's easier to just let them believe what they want and don't bother them. Unfortunately some religious, and some non-religious, people don't adopt that mindset and things go wrong when they attempt to prove the flaws in the other side's way of thinking..
That would be easy if they wouldn't put crosses with a agonizing Zombie on it to every classroom, poisoning young minds, raping and abusing the little children in the house of their dieties, asking me why my beard is not as the one from Muhammad, hitting young girls in their faces because they wore a basketball short in Ramadan. Heck, they kill each other because of small differences like if Maria would be more Holy or Jesus, or who has more right to live in Jerusalem.

As you see, none of this big bull.... is caused by reason, a well put "?" or atheism.

I don't want to live my or my beloved ones this kind of life, full of nutjobs everywhere. I belive in the "?", and I will fight for my and other's right to use it , freely, in the schools, at their jobs, on tv, without any limits.

Cheers man!
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