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Originally Posted by DrakkarTyrannis View Post
Never thought of it that way. Makes me wonder that if a person were put in the situation you described, would the concept of God even come about? I'd say yes only because eventually someone would look for the "origin" of it all (kinda like the God Particle concept). Now if they would create the idea of an anthropomorphic being, that part I don't know, but I'm thinking someone would still create some kind of god as the ultimate answer to "why"
I guess it really just depends on what information is out there when someone considers it. Many people choose to reject the idea that matter can come from nothing simply because the concept is too foreign to entertain as true even when there is evidence supporting it (as there is now).

Personally, I've agonized over the idea of god and existence since I was 10 years old and have probably spent waaaaay more time than I should considering every possible angle I could come up with. I still kinda wish I could believe in the bible as the idea of nothingness after death is still disturbing even though I accept it as the most likely scenario.

I actually just watched an episode of "Through the Wormhole" that sparked some thought on the afterlife & the possibility of a cosmic conscious that is possible within the laws of nature.

I guess, weighing in as the token Atheist, I can say I only believe in something that has evidence backing it up. I don't know if I can be considered the benchmark for how an Atheist views the world, but most of the ones I've met don't dogmatically believe in science; we all realize science is just a tool for discovery and is constantly being refined as more knowledge is accumulated.

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