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Originally Posted by capoeiraesp View Post
And I can understand your bias
I will see what results I get from a few options tomorrow.
You said the apartment is high density right? So I am going to assume solid concrete construction? The noise control in these things is pretty good. I practice, daily, just under where I would need to wear ear plugs to be comfortable, I can rock out, and never get complaints. I need earplugs a little sooner than some likely due to a sensitivity incurred by some damage though. Sure the overall master is low, but I still get great tones out of it. There is a bit of a cusp for the tone, sort of a min volume but it is not very loud. You have to get over not feeling it obviously. Hell when I track I kick on the solo boost (and definitely need earplugs, I have it set specifically for tracking, mic captures better a bit louder) and got no complaints there either.

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