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No just when measuring via the dxf. output on the computer. I know it really doesnt matter. Sorry

And Im referring to the where the fretboard ends and where the headstock begins. On a traditional Gibson or whatever else uses an angled headstock, the headstock cuts at an angle (13 degrees or whatever) starting at the point right after the nut. With multiscales, the nut doesn't always fall at a perpendicular line to the center line of the guitar. So when the scarf cut is made to angle the head stock, if cut traditionally, you would end up with a flat spot on the treble side of the neck, in between the tuners and the nut. This is because the headstock angle would be cut from an angle based off of the flat plane that the fretboard is glued to. How do I go about making a headstock that wouldnt have the flat spot lol. Sorry if im not making sense. I really dont know how to say it properly.
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