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Originally Posted by Kamikaze7 View Post
It should be half way decent to use for pratice or even playing out. HOWEVER, I find that with either Amplitube, NI's Guitar Rig 4, or the Peavey ReValver Mk3.5, you still need to have some sort of special input device that connects the guitar to the computer. If you don't then you'll wind up experiencing signal delay/latency, and in most cases noise.

Actually what you need is the asio4all driver which you can download free ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver .
So even with the lamest soundcard you can avoid latency.

step 1. download

step 2. install

step 3. configure :
close all runing audio programs
Start --> All programs --> ASIO4ALL v2 --> ASIO4ALL v2 Off-Line Settings
set it up like this

step 4. plug your guitar in your soundcard and enjoy
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