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Originally Posted by Ryan-ZenGtr- View Post

It's a job, man. Don't knock it.

After learning to play Wooten, Pastorius, Mark King, Marcus Miller, Dream Theater and seeing many bands with many approaches and playing bass for 12 years: predominantly unisons in metal is my verdict.

Of course there will be variety, but as a general rule begin from unisons and then expand to taste.
Not knocking your appraoch or job (hell whatever pays the bills), which for me is not music. So I can afford to be whimsical and turn stuff down. I used to play wooten type stuff, then I got bad thumb tendinitis, and since have not gone back down that road (I did manage to get my body back pain free though, which is more important. Most of my effort is more towards solo composition through multiple instruments, so I can build each of my tracks from the ground up for my needs. It is just hobby, afterall.

Having a day career however lets me be very choosy about who I bother to play alongside . I also have more than a decade on bass, chasing you at 11 years. I am a bassist who pretends to play guitar a fair deal.

Guitar techs are for sissies.

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