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Hi everyone.

The string spacing on the purple eight string is 3/8" at the bridge. The Wilkinson VS100 style saddles are .5mm or so narrower than typical saddles. This makes the overall spacing a bit less which is nice and the string to string spacing nearly the same for the familiar feel. The spacing at the nut is a bit narrower than some find to be comfortable so I'm reworking the templates to widen that out just a tiny bit.

I am also working out the exact angle that I can achieve with passive humbuckers such as the Dimarzio's and BKP's so that I may be able to offer those angled as well. I have had several requests for this so we'll see what happens.

On the shop front I should be getting a quote for the foundation any time now which is exciting.

I am hoping to get a couple of pieces of poplar from a local supplier by next week to test it suitability for my purposes. If it goes well I will be able to get ahead of the standard guitar orders and pre build bodies. That will be nice. I'd love to have a selection of shaped/unrouted bodies for my customers to browse through while spec'ing out their guitar. Browsing is half the fun of shopping for a new guitar.

I may also have a lead on some hard ash for body wood. The purple multiscale single cut on my facebook page has a hard ash body and it is freakin' awesome. I never thought of hard ash as a body wood but as usual my customer knew his stuff and it worked very well.

Congratulations on the new shop, Tom!
Thanks man. I'll definitely take lots of photos during the construction.

That single cut 6 string is hella cool!
Thanks, it's still available if anyone is interested. It comes with a TKL case and free shipping for well under a grand.

I noticed that beautiful Holdsworthian fanned 8 on your Facebook page, what are the specs of this one?
Thanks, that one came out really well. 27"x25.5" multiscale, hard ash/maple body, maple/rosewood neck and fingerboard, SD blackouts, 16" radius, two step dye (purple over black), satin lacquer finish.

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