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Originally Posted by atticmike View Post
Devlish my friend

I have to put those bareknuckle pickups into my future bfr as well.

Got to play them on a Blackmachine.
I want a Blackmachine so bad...

Anyhow, if you like what you hear in that clip, go for it. The CL and LF are kinda modern in a way - REALLY good pups as well. MM's put a nice contrast on our mixes when compared to the JPX7 clips I've made. Both are a keeper.

Originally Posted by Church2224 View Post
Looking good man! The Red Pearl Burst is probably the sweetest finish, along with the Mystic Dream finish, that The Pretucci models have! I need to pick one of these up soon...
Gotta agree with you on that. I had to sell my Mystic Dream in order to buy some drums 'n' stuff. (I have a new drum day incoming as well).
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