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I read an article on Reuters about the Norwegian populace's reaction to the police's handling of the event. Seems many people in the international community think the police reaction time was so delayed as to be unacceptable, but the population as a whole has generally traditionally been accepting and appreciative of their police force (unlike many other western countries), so for now not too many people there have anything negative to say about them.

Any thoughts from the norwegians on the board here? What about the non-Norwegians?

I'm pretty sure I heard the media complaining about Emergency Response times being too slow for almost every tragic event that has taken place in the US since I've been old enough to pay attention to that sort of thing, so I thought it was interesting to see the opposite reaction so far in Norway.

Here's the article:

Analysis: Culture shields sluggish Norway police from critics | Reuters

And here's one about a pending security review:

Norway agrees to security review after killings | Reuters
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