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Originally Posted by orb451 View Post
Can one of the mods please close my account?

Randy - .... off buddy, if you want to hide behind your mod status like a little bitch, you go right ahead. If you want to make your e-..... bigger by playing childish pranks, go right ahead. I thought better of you and I guess I was wrong, we had some good debates, it's a shame what power does to an individual. Oh and if I'm mistaken and it was the guy below, my apologies!

Eaeolian - You can go .... yourself too .... dick. I don't think I've ever gotten along with you. Your debates always consisted of "there's a white elephant in the room" that no one but you was talking about . Hope you grow up some day.

Max - You're one of the best, most helpful guys on here. Keep it up bro.

Technomancer - Never had any issues with you man, stay frosty

The rest of you folks and you know exactly who you are that I enjoyed debating/discussing, thank you. It's been real.

Some of you pinko/commie/liberal/so and so's have been a real challenge and a real pleasure to chat/debate with. Some of you still sound like misguided, angst ridden 20 somethings.

A few of you in particular I'll never understand and really don't need to.

Be sure to grab a screen cap of this before it's changed to "mod edit" TL;DR or some other bull..... Get over yourselves and your ADD gents, I think there's meds for that I suggest you stay on them Make a meme out of this!

Conservatives on here, keep fighting the good fight. Don't let these limp dick hippies have the last word. Those whom I especially enjoyed chatting with should know how to reach me. If not, hit me up off-site on one of the other forums.

"...say goodnight to the bad guy"
Hurt much? Christ orb you've just utterly destroyed everything you've ever said on this forum in one post. The whole time you've been demanding to be taken seriously and insisting that you are mature and therefore your argument holds more water. I'd expect this from a 15 year old but from someone who is 35? Come the .... on man.

...or have I just been trolled hard and your entire post was a mod edit?

What happened to Jeff? Funny how he dropped off the radar now that the entire Western world disagrees with his right wing bull.....
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