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Originally Posted by AxeHappy View Post
Method One: (My favourite for shattering speed plateaus)

1. Start at a stupidly slow tempo. Since your max speed is 110BPM I'd say start around 50BPM.

2. Work your way up the metronome one notch at a time. Keep going until you find a comfortable speed. Not slow, not fast just right in your comfort zone.

3. Once you've hit that speed keep practicing the exercise but go up by 2 notches, then back down 1, then up two, over and over again.

4. Once you hit the highest speed you can play at cleanly drop the Metronome about 20BPM and go back to step 3. Rinse and repeat.

What is really going on here is you're tricky your mind and your muscles. The dropping one notch is the key. Say you move it up to 100BPM and you find that challenging. Then you drop to 96 and it's no problem. Then up to 104. And it's challenging. Then drop to 100BPM and it magically seems easy. Compared to the faster tempo you just played it seems like relaxing to your arm!
This! I've Used a similar method but not quite as thought out and it really does work.
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