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Much better! I like it
I like that you matched up the bass drums to the guitar at bar 27 now. I was going to say before, how I've often found in a mix that the snare doesn't usually sound quite as good with a kick drum at the same time. I avoided saying it though, because it's not unusual at all to hit the kick and snare at the same time on double bass beats like you had before (and now have at bar 33). Constant kicks are pretty normal and usually don't drop out for the snare.
However, now you've changed the kicks to a rhythmic pattern, I'd suggest removing the kick from under the snare on bars 27-32

3/4 time on drums...well, as with any time signature, the signature doesn't by any means define the rhythm.
If you have any rhythmic sense (which you definitely do), you'll probably know where you feel the accents already. It's just a case of trial and error when you begin to write drums, to realise where it should go.
You've probably got it in your head already and will realise once you tab it down I think you'll probably want the snare in half time, one every two bars. 123 123 123 123.
Double time would be every other cymbal hit.
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