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Seems good to me. Good processor, good memory size and it seems it's correctly a triple channel set of 3x2gb (unless they somehow got two 3gb chips but I've never personally seen those made). Only thing, I bet the hard drive is 5200rpm and it would be best at 7200rpm. Doesn't seem to say on the specs page. Even so, you could always swap out the drive for $60 if you wanted. If you're not recording a ....load of tracks at once it's a non issue anyway, 5200 should be just fine. Only other thing is it appears the video card uses system ram, not too big a deal for audio use, just allocate like 512mb, you could even do 256mb for that matter - never had a problem with that size myself for a DAW.

Remember though, if this is just going to be a DAW and not also your internet laptop, to remove all the bull.... that HP includes and starts up automatically as well as the antivirus software. Of course, if you're using it as a general use machine and will be on the net you'll want to keep the AV software installed. Personally, my DAW is off the net and the NIC is disabled. I only turn it on to do updates then it goes back off.

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