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Cool Harley Benton HB80 vs Peavey 6505

Hey everyone! This is my first post here, I'm a producer from NY.But some of you might already know me as I've done a few big production jobs around the world. I'm iRule , aka Greg Drimilton (yes, that one ). I guess that pretty honestly, my mixes are really good, but that's kind of obvious as I'm a producer (hell yeah).

As I was talking with a friend of mine (he's done some huge albums), we were discussing wich amp I should buy next to record guitar in studio, and you guys seem to know a few things.... So, I was really looking towards a peavey 6505, but he's willing to sell me his Harley Benton HB80, a great piece of gear. Yes, I know from experience that the peavey is one of the most vesatile amps out there and has the best cleans i've ever heard, but the Harley Benton is soooooooooooooooo simple but soooooooooooooo good! I think it's the best lead sound I've ever heard. The guy's selling it to me for 900$!!! OMG, I read that again.... I think that's the best deal EVER.

So, u must be kind of GASing for it after all this deal talk , I just want to confirm, I'm almost settled on the HB, what do you guys think??

(I'll post some mixes later for you non-believers)

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