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Originally Posted by MFB View Post
Hell yeah, still have Tiberian Sun installed on my computer. Good to go back for nostalgia purposes and play.
And it's free in the official C&C website which make it even awesome! Anyway, I finished that game quite a long time ago but seriously never touched the skirmish there because I think NOD inside Tiberian Sun was too overpowered! (I mean a complete spam of artilleries and some AA just pwn GDI very very hard!)

Originally Posted by KingAenarion View Post
I still play online a lot.

The play style is more fluid and open online I find.

It doesn't matter what AI type you play against. Turtling + tech up with hit and run tactics always wins.
You sure? I think some maps allows backdooring, which I dislike!

Originally Posted by eclipsex1 View Post
I do. It's an awesome game. I haven't played it in a while, but I used to play it all the time. There was one 3D C&C game that was based off of the same time-frame too, which was also pretty awesome.
Old 3D C&C??? Never actually heard of it even...

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