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All right, the OP's video was good with MUTE ENABLED...

Brittany <3 near the end!

But that 2nd video "Should math..." hard to watch hard to listen to = EQUAL!

visual troll

View Bronowski's The Ascent of Man at your leisure!

+1 Human ancestor equals mud and worms!

Isn't there a thing in A me rika wot is called da cons...ti... ution which states that state and church would be kept seperate? *trying for Ms. world level grammar! *

Them founding father's were wily to covert corruption of a country from banks and foreign states, for after all, isn't the catholic overlord an italian/polish man seated in vatican city which is an independent state with one of the most interesting banking histories on the planet?

Just 1 religious example... did not their heroic prophet Joshua kick out the money lenders from the jewish temple as his first act of adolescence???

At least the mud theory puts no one at the top of the ivory tower... *sigh*

Found this when looking for papal piccy's. Very funny rant from Dorkins (came up #1 in google when typing "Ratzinger"! ).

Ratzinger is the Perfect Pope - Richard Dawkins - The Washington Post -
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