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Giving an old RG570 new life. My summer project.

Well I work next door to Cremer Guitarworks in Aurora IL and he is an incredible tech and knows too much about guitars so I told him to keep an eye out for an old Ibby. He let me know that something perfect had come in and I checked it out and yea.. It was hard to look at at first because the paint was trashed and it was red (I hate red). It had no knobs and was missing tons of minor hardware here and there. It was MIJ though which was great.
He showed me the neck though and it was sold.. The grain on the neck was perfect and it was dead straight with no fret wear. So I picked it up for $100.
I've never refinished a guitar before, or altered the electronics on my own. So this is a learning experience.

I chemically stripped most of the paint off but still had to sand the stubborn edges n so on. I also very slightly smoothed off all of the edges on the guitar to make it look more soft.

So my plans for it is to strip all of the paint off (done)
Tung oil Finish (in the process)
Replace the Pickups. (ordered em)

I also plan on doing minor hardware changes here and there to make it all pop a little. I ordered some pearl tuning buttons for the gotoh tuners that came on it.
I also modified the bridge to except a schaller tremolo arm because the Ibanez ones always come loose over time.

Overall, I am really stoked on this project. The hardware is all perfect and it looks great so far!!

Here is what I'm sure most are waiting for.

Super scientific schematics..

RG 550 neck? Hmm.. I dig.

Halfway sanded mock up

First coat of tung oil. going to go back and do some more sanding.

Quilt Basswood?


Modified bridge
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