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Originally Posted by bulb View Post
Im gonna be honest with you dude, we have played Jacksonville a few times, and the crowd was not into it, and worse yet, some ....ed up .... happened where at one of the shows some of the bands on the tour package and some of the security members got in a brawl DURING a show outside, and they were using pedalboards and cymbal stands as weapons, it was kinda ....ed up, and although it may not be representative of the whole city, it definitely didnt leave the best taste in our mouths either...
Jesus... I hate Jax. I wouldn't say it's representative of the whole city, but it's definitely not shocking to me, at all. Which is sad...

Maybe give us 1 more shot? It's all about venue here. Go for Plush, Rain or Freebird. It'll at least be worth some of the finest quality smoke around! Lol. If not, guess I gotta hope for Orlando as the closest. Or Gainesville (now there's a fun town).
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