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Originally Posted by Monk View Post

The KV2 is a sweet guitar; I love the Original Floyd Rose (though not quite as much as the Edge on my JEMs) and I've taken to liking the lead/crunch tone from the Seymour Duncans over the DiMarzio Evolutions. Sadly, the pickups are way too hot for cleans, IMO. (going to stick to the JEMs for those). Also, the USA Jacksons of today are not quite as good as the Jacksons of the past (pre-Fender) QC-wise. The build quality is solid but the finishing work is lacking...there were globs of glue on the fretboard that I had to scrape off and the guitar was horribly setup (action, intonation, etc). Plays great now, though.
Weid that you say that, I got a USA Jackson about two months ago and it is perfect.

But both pre and post fender buyout guitars had problems, there have always been bad ones. So in reality it does not matter, you were just unfortunate enough got one of the lemons, I would at least send it back and ask for a new one. Where did you buy it from?

Every time that some one get a defected Jackson, despite the fact it is no more often then getting a defected guitar from anyone else, the say it is because it is "post Fender." In reality Fender does not interfere much at all with what Jackson does and lets Jackson be Jackson. Also what would be the excuse years ago if someone got a bad Jackson? Just a lemon, same deal today, we just want to slap a label on it instead of saying what it is, just a lemon, EVERY maker makes them.
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