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NGD sort of! LTD SC-208 content

Hey dudes, fresh out of the box, here is a 2011 LTD SC-208. There's been a little bit of discussion on here about this guitar, and as far as I know, this is one of, if not, the first NGD on this forum and possibly the web because I have been interested in these for a while but I'd never been able to find much info.

Btw... This is a 'sort of' because it's not technically mine (yet!), but we have it in stock and I can give a hands on review of it and share some information that is hard to come by as of yet!

Anyways, the build quality is pretty good for a 200-series LTD... No finish flaws, all the binding is done pretty decent. The heel is very comfortable and it has a nice, deep belly cut for dudes with beer bellies (like me!) and 24th fret access is easily attainable by the lower horn scoop. The hardware is typical cheaper LTD Chinese-made stuff, but it's all pretty solid. The fret job is slightly messy on the ends in the binding, but nothing to complain about.

My biggest plus about this guitar, was to see that the neck was unpainted. The SC-207 has a painted bolt on neck, and all the ones I've seen have gotten really sticky easily. This neck is smooth and fairly thin, easy to navigate and the factory setup on this one, at least, was fairly low. I can probably lower it even more, but for now it's perfectly playable to anyone's standards. Also the neck was nice and straight, I didn't have to tweak the truss rod at all.

The 25.5" scale is fairly manageable for me, the low F# isn't too floppy and doesn't get too muddy. My only gripe is the pickups are terrible. I really hate them. A lot. It pretty much sounds like I laid a pillow over top of my amp. A pickup change is a must! I can see this guitar turning into a nice platform for modding!

Anyways, onto the pictures!

Hopefully this has helped you guys out. If you have any other questions or want any other pictures, I will help out as much as I can!

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