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I lol'd.

Is people like that that you automatically disregard their posts because you know how much weight their opinion carries.

Btw playing with pick angle I can get damn near the same tone from my vpick as I get from my dava grips / max grip jazz 3's. I just can't get the attack / mid high range emphasis that I get from my vpicks from the other two no matter what angle I use.

Also my teachers initial reaction when I had him try a vpick (small pointed) was *this is going to sound shrill* and when he actually used it and used his ears he noticed how sweet it sounds and how it isn't icepicky at all. I think that connotation comes from it looking like a piece of glass and people automatically put it in their heads that its going to be shrill.

I mean if my teacher didn't find a pointy 1.5mm pick icepicky and hes the kinda guy that only ever uses thin rounded almost mandolin like picks or his fingers then uh... I don't think they're icepicky.
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