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Originally Posted by SirMyghin View Post

Cancel the subscription and move on. It is easy to use excuses like "but I have spent so much time to get there", however, in reality you have nothing to show for it. I gave up most video games in pursuit of focussing on my instruments a lot more, as for a while it was pretty scary. At the end of the day, the instruments are a tangible skill, where games are just that, games. I play a few titles every year, Mass Effect for example, but not much else.

I have 2 guitars and my Bass, I practice 5-7 days a week.
I pretty much did the same thing. I stopped playing the endless time waster like Warcrack early on but I still played JRPGs and other lengthy titles. I pretty much only make time now for FPSs, Bioware and Valve.

Regarding guitars, I've found too many to be distracting. I don't really get the collection mindset either though, so it could just be that. Personally I play all of my guitars in a sitting (barring the acoustics). I like them all to have a purpose, so they either have alternate tunings or something to that effect.

I have 2 acoustics (one setup for nashville tuning) and 2 functional electrics (1 6'er & 1 7). I've got two electrics I'm selling and a few guitars in pieces that could perhaps make 3 fully functional guitars (though they would be Frankens all the way). I also have a lapsteel, but that's a whole other beast.

Currently in progress of replacing every guitar I have...piece by piece

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