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Originally Posted by Wizardstyx View Post
I am envious of your paint skills. I have not had success in that field yet.
Don't be too envious - I'm still not happy with my paint jobs. I keep messing up little things that I shouldn't as I know better, but I'm stupid and keep doing it!

Like today I was doing something simple, just spraying clear on a neck, but still managed to get solvent pops all over such a simple job.

It doesnt stress me on the neck as it was only just to seal the grain before I sand it all and do other work to it, but on the orange candy guitar I got the same thing. I know what caused that, but if I was a "pro" painter it would not have happened!

I am getting better at painting though. I'm not getting runs all over the place like I was in the earlier days, I've done some .... hot paint jobs - and some very very terrible ones!

More to come down the track as I have so many ideas, just no time to do tem all!
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