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BCRich Ironbird Pro

Hey guys, just wanted to have your opinion on BC Rich quality and more specifically the Ironbird Pro (single emg81 one)

I've got an Ibanez Destroyer DT420 hanging on the wall and it gets very little play because I take it for a spin mainly to play some Metallica... It sounds good but I don't play fixed brige guitars anymore and I find it quite bulky and uncomfortable to play sitting down... I was thinking of selling it since its acting more like a trophy than anything else and replacing it by a guitar I know I will use alot...

The Destroyer is a MIJ Ibanez and I don't wanna lose in build quality by selling it and replacing it by the Ironbird (which has overall bettet specs and wood type imo)...

Anyone can give input on BC Rich quality for their Pro line? Thanks!
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