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Originally Posted by Marv Attaxx View Post
My Macbook Pro 2010 enjoys crashing all by itself
And all I'm using is first-party software!
Those macs at school are even worse.
On the other hand I haven't had a crash on my win 7 lappy in a year

EDIT: how do you get you pc to crash?
I gotta try that lol
Really? Well There's a few methods to crashing windows. Boot a code in notepad I believe and it will load until Windows runs of memory and crashes. To fix just turn the computer off and back on. ( I can't remember the code though). But for my last PC (was on it's last legs anyway, was 2 years old and ran the XP edition) I put it in and it went to hell and never came back . Well I had this Dell Inspiron desktop anyway when I did that so it was all good.
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