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With both CPS and school counselors you want to be careful... we had a friend who was having some emotional problems so we convinced him to visit the school counselor for a free therapy session just so that he could get some stuff off his chest. I dunno what he said, but they considered him to be a suicide risk, suspended him for the semester, and put him in a psych ward! It seemed to me like they were just taking extreme measures so they could cover their asses in case something did happen to the guy and his parents sued. This is not to say don't see anybody and don't say anything, just be cautious because with some things there's no turning back. I think in general you have to take an active role in figuring this out and dealing with the depression... take whatever help you can get professionally, but don't see that as the be all and end all... some docs just write scrips and others might try to help you figure out what you can change in your life to feel better... so it's up to you to make sure you're getting the most out of it.
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