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Originally Posted by troyguitar View Post
ok whatever dudes, guess you think Fractal's international distribution plan is perfect because you can profit from it.

I just hate stupidity, and being able to sell something for more than it cost new just because someone lives across some line on a map is STUPID. There is no good reason for that whatsoever.
Again, sure there's a good reason for it, it's called economics. Supply and demand. As others said, if I (or anyone else) can buy these new and then sell them at a profit, to people *willing* to pay for them, what's the harm? I make a little profit and they get the device they want, potentially even *cheaper* than they could otherwise, and if not cheaper, at least faster. Sheesh Not like I'm holding them at gunpoint or anything.

It'd be stupid *not* to take advantage of that, because again, it's a win-win.
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