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Have someone interested in the Bridge alone.

If anyone is interested in the neck by itself please P.M me.

[Sevenstring]: djpharoah has entered at 11:33 pm
[Lord_Elixer] 11:33 pm: oh and nick... will be a bit hard for her to choke me if she is handcuffed to the bed
[Lord_Elixer] 11:33 pm: I think it is time for a change in topic. haha
[joelozzy] 11:34 pm: mesh in the house. Back to guitar related chat
[teqnick] 11:34 pm: Mod Alert!
[Sevenstring]: djpharoah has left at 11:34 pm
[teqnick] 11:35 pm: dude so
[joelozzy] 11:35 pm: ..... ......s
[teqnick] 11:35 pm: My girlfriend won't let me do Anal
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