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I'm definitely anxious to hear Portnoy's response to this. I'm sure he's had time to deal with it all and he's been busy enough working on his new bands I'm sure he doesn't even have the mental space to give it much thought anymore.

But, I'm not Portnoy, so, I'm talking outta me ayse'.

My buddy Jay who was taught by Mangini a few years ago is jumpin' up and down. We both were hardcore DT fans growing up, so this is ultra' cool for him.

He made a vid the other day of him just jammin' behind his kit, you can check him out here- Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More It starts slow, so ya might wanna skip to about 4 mins in. Funny enough, Lars is the reason Jay wanted to play to begin with.

If anyone in the Boston area is lookin' for a good studio drummer or a fill-in for live gigs, feel free to hit Jay up.
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