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Originally Posted by controversyking View Post
I am a Mac Fanatic and will try to sell people on them all the time if they are looking for a great computing experience.


If you are looking for a BUDGET RECORDING solution...

you're probably better off keeping your OS... throwing some more RAM in and buying a decent audio card/interface

Mac OSX/garageband are great tools, but there is some amount of cash your putting in just for the opportunity cost of switching OS's: if you want the cheapest option then you do not want this.

From your description though, it kind of seems that you just want a new computer and are just done with your old Dell (which I totally understand =p)... If that's the case then go ahead and get the mac mini, because while it isn't the absolute cheapest route to a decent recording setup... you use a computer for A LOT more than just recording, and getting a computer you enjoy is probably a better use of cash =p

I want a new computer not just for recording, but for work [all I need is a good Word-like app] and for diary home [downloading stuff and Internet] use; if I haven't been clear about my needs [Controversyking FTW at GUESSING lOl ]. And I wanna test a Mac, but it's too expensive to test it, 'cause there's the chance of disliking it. That's why it's a serious post for me.

According to software, I've already put in my shopping list a new recording program, 'cause I'm used to what I've been working with [Propellerhead Reason/Record], although it's not a bad idea to me trying to get into new options like the Logic or ProTools.

It seems like you've already owned a Mac. If you do...
It's a good computer to be used? Does it slow down like PCs after some time using? Is maintance in case of emergency expensive or are there cheaper solutions?

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