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Ok, now I have some time to answer these questions.

I have not heard whether the game design degree is useful as a comm. degree. I'd have to ask a game design student. I did take the recording arts degree, that's only because I wanted experience on some high end equipment and to get some experience mastering, since my main goal is to become a mastering engineer.

Yes on a few occasions but only once since I moved to Orlando.

I honestly don't know how I've affored going to school here. My parents put money away before I was born to help fund college, and as far as I know that's payed for everything so far. I might have to take a loan out for the last eight months, but I'd rather be $20K in debt than $120K.

Of course it is heard, it's an act from the metal gods so it will be heard in the hearts of the faithful.

Yes, all the time.

No, this place is not a ....hole at all. All of the facilities here are nice from the studios, to the soundstages, to the live venues it's all very nice and they have A LOT of high end gear. And yes it does run 24/7 but we get breaks throughout the year. (I had lab 1-5 A.M. when I was in the Recording Consoles class) It's not a McCollege, it's a lot of information thrown at you in 2 years (but that's the point of a bachelor's in 2 years). Every instructor I've had has been knowledgeable of their subject and more importantly has had industry experience.

Squeeze it, which in retrospect is inefficient but old habits die hard.

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