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Originally Posted by Guitarman700 View Post
Every goddamn issue was Metallica or Led zeppelin. I love Zep, but it just got to be too much.
Yeah everyone gets caught in this circle of 1) people getting tired of the old bands that layed the foundation for the music we listen to today taking up all the media exposure and spot lights that can be used to promote new bands that can take everything in a new direction that makes the music world less stagnant, 2) then people misinterpret others getting sick of hearing about old bands as disrespect, and think that people just don't know how much the old bands have inspired and helped the progress of newer musicians today even though we've all listened to the old bands into the dirt, 3) which makes everyone talk about how great all of the old musicians are EVEN MORE which keeps everyone from hearing about new bands and you get piles and piles of magazines with old bands all over it, which causes the whole thing to repeat all over again because you get even more tired of them.

I love led zeppelin, you love led zeppelin, we all love led zeppelin, but we already know everything there is to know about led zeppelin, because the band split up 30 or so years ago. Can we get some exposure on some other bands now? lol

I understand educating the youth about older bands is necessary so they can understand how important all of those old guys were to the music we listen to now, but damn dude are we doomed to go to some indie record store/coffee shop ran by beatnicks that spend more time shaping their facial hair than they do helping their customers dig through the piles of contemporary pop and industrial crunk core just to get our inside scoop on the new bands? haha

But its cool. I have the time to lurk around on the internet for my music news. It just sucks for people who like the convenience of a magazine i guess lol.
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