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Originally Posted by Ill-Gotten James View Post
I'm going to have to ponder this one for a bit, but I will see if I can be any more insight. I feel your pain about not having insurance. I work in a god damn hospital and still am not yet eligible to receive benefits. I will get back to you after doing some pondering and reading up on hand musculature and potentially problems.


Just for the record, you're a nurse. Not putting you down, but think that by qualifying yourself thusly you may be misleading OP into thinking you have more extensive training and medical knowledge than you do. I'd think the best advice in any situation like this is diagnosis by a trained medical professional, not pretending to be one.

Again, REALLY not trying to be mean, but when someone's health or well being is at stake, the wrong reply or answer could be the worst possible thing. And as someone in the medical FIELD, you should be much more familiar with the consequences of misdiagnosis or delaying seeking medical help. Since he's already seen a hand specialist, do you really think you'll be able to help better? I don't, but OP might. And that's DANGEROUS.
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