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sambora gear

Hope you enjoyed kids![/QUOTE]
thanks a lot for that info...iīm searching hard for as much details in richies gear as possible...
do you maybe have info about the two miced speakers...? are they both his main speakers for the dry sound and both of them turned on all of the time, or is the v30 only for high gain and the gold for cleaner sounds...?
and whatīs the trick about the two mics to one speaker...? (is that actually the v30)
his stage amp cabs seem to be miced as well...??? so whatīs going to the pa...the iso cabs, arenīt they...? so why do they mic the stage that a fake...?
iīve once gotten the info (itīs been said via his guitartech chris "lumpy hofschneider") that he always actually played a custom audio electronics preamp and used his fender and marshall heads as power amps only...???
thanks a lot,
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