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Originally Posted by Sephael View Post
Wanting to change out the HZs on my Schecter Damien 7 (basswood body) with some actives, thinking (at the moment) that a 81-7 in the bridge and for the neck I'm not certain, probably a 707 or 707X. Any thoughts?

Thing is I am wanting separate tone and volume for each pickup without having to ruin the finish and look by drilling more holes (plus extra routing). I figure I could use two duel concentric pots to achieve this but I'm not sure if it is possible and wouldn't know which pots I'd need/want. Any advice on this matter?
You'll have to drill out the holes already in place to fit the pots and their knobs in. I just recently made the switch from Hz's to 707's, and it was fairly easy while also being extremely annoying. I know nothing of concentric pots, but if they are what I think they are, you may have a problem in that the control cavity is barely enough to fit the EMG pickup buss, the battery, switch and pots. I think you may need to rout anyways...

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