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Originally Posted by 8Fingers View Post
After reading so many members saying this band is awesome I decided to watch this clip.

If people google progressive music they'd see a progressive sound is much more than having heavy riffs and sometimes some unusual beats.
Besides that I don't hear any trace of personality/creativity,they sound the same as a lot of bands out there,nothing in that song caught my attention and in the end I thought it was pretty boring cause the song is the same from the beginning till the end.
Seriously I can't see any difference from this band to a lot of other bands,similarities are too strong,I heard a lot of "progressive" bands with the same sound but I don't even know their names cause it was listening and deleting.
When DT released Images and words it was a blast,plenty of personality/creativity,it was a boom at that time but OF COURSE maybe this band doesn't want to be a blast they just want to play their music but watching people saying they're awesome,they're this or that like if no other band had the same sound is kind of weird.
I'm not saying their bad,I'm just saying some people are over reacting,maybe because they're new into prog music or maybe because..........................who knows
I'm always searching and listening for new bands,I always try to find something different with personality but to my ears this band brings nothing new or at least different.
I like their sound but it's nothing that would make me buy their album or go to their concert.Just another band with the same sound as hundreds out there.
And to me the clip is really better than the song itself
And seriously that all the time head banging attitude to me looks really dumb.It has nothing to do with the sound but still play your music and if it's good you'll never need ACTING.
The best musicians(bands,players etc) just go to the stage,play their music and go to their houses,they don't need dumb acting to sell more albums cause the quality of their music speakes for itself.

It's not a rant cause I like this song and seems they're a good band,I'm just writing down what I felt watching it after reading so many good stuff about it.
Im curious the tons of bands they sound like because I love me some Tesseract and haven't found any music remotely close to what they bring to the table imo. Ive listened to a ton of Meshuggah/Periphery etcetc and still think they're in a league of their own.
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