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Originally Posted by technomancer View Post
I'm curious what you mean by "a different situation". They're both working touring acts that are dragging their gear on and off trailers on a regular basis to play clubs all over the place. The biggest difference is that they're touring nationally and internationally instead of playing a couple shows around town on a regular basis. If anything their gear is getting more wear and tear than most guys on here put their stuff through

Those guys aren't big enough to have paid roadies babying their stuff.

I do agree that they're new models that haven't been out that long. I know there were bugs with the first batch that Tosin had all kinds of problems with initially. Seems that's been fixed though as he's been using them for the entire current tour, as have Periphery.
Didn't both Tosin and Misha have problems blowing speakers? I at least remember Misha saying Tosin went through two or three of them one tour. That also could have been that first batch, though.


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