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wow, im quite glad that my axe find some friends here

well, i took the scale, measures etc. straight from fredrik thordendals axe as ive visited him in sweden (we became friends since 3 and a half years).
in fact, the body and the head of my and meshuggah´s guitars is ibanez like, except the scale and neck tru, thats actualy THE ultimate effect that make a big difference.
how do i handle 30" (,5) scale . well, at the beginning i was quite frustrated cause i was used the ibanez rg2228 which has about 27 " or something. but after a while im got used in it and i wont miss it.

on thursday i have an apointment with my guitar manufacturer (schindehuette from frankfurt germany) cause i start my 2nd 8 string custom.
in 2 weeks i get my M8 pu from lundgren at the musikmesse frankfurt in germany and the whole show starts.
i will share the legend of manufacturing with you guys.
this time i raise a string trough body version.

my gear : i play FRACTAL AUDIO / AXE FX which goes as pre amp, engl 4x12 xxl cab and a marshal 50 watts tube as final amp.

some video sample clips : youre right guys, i will fix something, hopefully the cam takes the soudn good enough !!!
i will post sum .... soon as possible

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