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Originally Posted by Explorer View Post
As noted, it takes a huge amount of effort to debunk, point by point, every thing Coulter says. If anyone is interested in where she's gone wrong, do a search through Google or a similar search engine, and you'll find plenty of pages where people point out the obvious. There's also some funny YouTube postings where she is factually wrong, but never in doubt, even when called on it.

I like that Orb called her names too. *laugh*

I guess I don't get how one can call such ignorance "schtick," but I guess that's one label for such behaviour, whether from Coulter, the WBC or the neo-Nazis or whoever else. I have other names for such things....
Lemme just break it down for you so you can use it for future reference:

Neo-Nazis: Don't do it for "shtick". They do it because that's what they believe. They're not in it for ratings or advertisers or to make money.

WBC: Probably doesn't *mind* a little publicity, but don't do their thing for ratings, ad revenue or selling subscriptions. They do their thing because that's what *they* believe is the right thing to do, and the tasty way to do it. Yup, like Quaker Oatmeal. Samie same as the Neo-Nazis.

Ann Coulter: Does it for the ratings. The shock. The awe. The conversations around the water cooler or tree-hugging shin-dig that eventually leads to some semblance or remaining relevant. Selling ad space, making money, etc. No different in principle than someone like Howard Stern, but with a WHOLE other direction.

Don't confuse the latter with the 2 former. They may seem a lot alike but have little in common other than stirring the .... pot once in a while.
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