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Originally Posted by Randy View Post
Rich, you're going to seriously water down any validity of your decision making skills if you're implying Ann Coulter deserves anything but name calling. She's beyond fringe. Pick your allies carefully, bro.
I wouldn't call her an ally Randy, but I've never understood the Left's obsession with her and people like her. I mean, isn't it painfully obvious that she's doing this for the attention/money? That is, making stupid statements, creating controversy, getting people to talk about her and the last remark she made and so on?

I dunno, but that's the way I see her and people like her. Fringe? Oh for sure, but dangerous? Lethal? Meh... what's that meme they use now and then? Obvious idiot is obvious or something like that... She's a shock-jock. Nothing more. The more people hang on every dumbassed thing she says, the more attention, energy and time is wasted that could spent elsewhere.
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