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Bugera tube poweramps! (Petition thread)

Just look at this conversation on a post on facebook
Luis Angel Compres Veras > Bugera Amps
would be killer if you guys came up with a tube power amp with the low affortable prices only you guys can deliver

Bugera Amps: You mean like these?
Bugera 6550B-6 Power TETRODE 6-Pack

Luis Angel Compres Veras: I meant like an actual power stage in a rackmount chassis, for us that can't pay over one grand for one

Bugera Amps: Oh, I see. No plans for such an item currently, but I will let the product development team know of the demand!

Luis Angel Compres Veras awesome!
So it rang my bells, we're all into the usual "OMGAWESOMEBBQ" Rack modelling piece of hardware that i don't need to mention , why waste another 1500 on a good poweramp? If Carvin does it for USD$550, Bugera can do it for around 250-300 dollars mark. so guys, help me, help yourselves and help everyone that wants a tube power but can't justify buying one to have one.

Express the demand all over:

Bugera Amps | Facebook

Trident Chambers
Wickhams Cay
P.O. Box 146 Road Town
Tortola British Virgin Islands
Email: [email protected]

Product of my boreness:

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