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Help with the whole process of MIDI controllers for Reaper

Hi guys,
Sorry to be such a noob, but I need to play and record keyboard/synth parts for prog metal songs. I have a KeyRig49 and I have downloaded Reaper. I also have Ableton Live Lite and Audacity as well.

I haven't downloaded any synth programs yet, but Ableton has some virtual instruments.
I've been fiddling around with Reaper, but can't figure out how to load the synth programs. Can someone help with this?

And once I can load the synths, is it easy to record and then transfer to audio? and then export this audio?

Please help. thanks!!
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Searching for a great lead/metal/shred tone ala Petrucci, Rob Marcello, Romeo, etc....

Please help if you can in terms of pedals, amps, and what combination to reach that tone.
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