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Well I don't really want to change out the pups untill I get this .... fixed (it would void the warranty). My main thing is the setup can be fixed, I know this, but regardless Ibanez sent me a piece of trash guitar and the crack in the case just further confirms that the quality controll people arent doing their job. The guy at the shop set up this guitar pretty great and he claims to have 38 years experience in this field. All of the guitars in his shop are set up perfect as well (I've played most of them). So I don't know if this can be fixed with neck/bridge adjustments. Does anyone have any idea how long it might take to get Ibanez to do an exchange? Or if they even will?

After further inspection I have found the: The paint job is spotty and poorly done (white spots all over the back)

Very loose tuning pegs (I found this when I changed the strings, they are as wobbly as a weeble.)

A big scratch on the back of the neck.)

And a low B that makes weird sounds and doesn't know which notes it wants to play.

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