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well like others have said practice and practice some more, but go slow at first.. cannot stress that enough. you will be really frustrated at times, but keep with it.

in my opinion you should start of learning earlier music then move to contemporary..

like learn sabbath and zeppelin before learning early metallica. then once you have early metallica you can learn most metal (which is what i assume you're mainly trying to play?) learn your chords tho... it will make playing so much easier.

dont expect to be playing iron man one week and then the next week playing Holywars or Nevermore

also dont limit urself to one genre learn many

if you ever have trouble with any concepts, just look to youtube for lessons

great vid on how to hold the pic correctly:

how to gallop pick (essential for metal styles):

this guy has great lesons for songs on his channel, and this would be a good song to learn first:
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