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Originally Posted by Blazerok View Post
+1 on importing your file in audacity, it will be easier to sync this way.

- i would suggest you to adjust the output volume on your HD500, using the mixer on board.

-I never tried the GSP, but if you are satisfied with the HD, why change?

-On the HD edit software, you can choose a parameter, under controller, and assign it to EXP-1

You can always check on the line 6 comunity for new tones, or make your own from scratch.

Hope i helped!
Thanks, I did get the wah pedal to be assigned. But I'm having trouble assigning certain things to specific footswitches. I know how to access the footswitch assignment, but once I do, and I press the FS, it just switches to the next preset. Oh well.

Searching for a great lead/metal/shred tone ala Petrucci, Rob Marcello, Romeo, etc....

Please help if you can in terms of pedals, amps, and what combination to reach that tone.
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